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Review by L.S in New Orleans December, 2019:

"This morning was my weekly session with Iina Ester. Even though we were meeting at my house, I was late, and wearing a SUBLIME hangover along with the party clothes I'd crashed in the night before. Her reaction to all this was who she is: laughter and love.
There is no negative judgement from Iina throughout our work; only acceptance of who and where I am at this moment, and encouragement as I move towards who and where I've said I want to be in the next moment. She doesn't try to mold me, but she'll listen to my thoughts and wishes, and then give me tools to use in order to mold myself. We've been working together 10 months, and everything has improved. My figure, my cash flow, my home life, my confidence, my peace. My relationships with people.
Each session is different. Sometimes we meet in City Park and work out in the sun. Other times we sit in my livingroom and figure out how to schedule my time and budget my cash. Sometimes the psychological work of changing who I am can be very intense, but she's right there with me, grounding me. And sometimes she'll kick my ass if I really need it...but *only* if I really need it.
Today's session was spent stretching on the floor (due to said hangover) and discussing how to confidently express ideas and give direction in creative settings. About halfway through, I said to her, "Iina...I'm really starting to like myself."
And that's what Iina does. She gives you the best version of yourself. And she does it with grace, and with style."

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